What route to go :

East Branch, Duke Lake - Agnew Lake Lodge This is probably one of the most made trips. You will be shuttled to Duke Lake from where your trip starts out, first with a chain of lakes divided by small stretches with swifts. Don't miss the aboriginal pictographs on 9th lake.

After the lakes you will come to the forks, where the East-and the West Branch join. From this point on you will experience nice flowing water with various swifts and rapids. After The Elbow you run into a few bigger rapids (Graveyard, Agnes- and Cedar Rapids). All rapids have well marked and maintained portages. Cedar rapids is the last serious rapids, from that point on the Royal Ride starts, 20 km of fast flowing water; sit back, navigate and enjoy the scenery. Last stage is the paddle from Eagle Rock to Agnew Lake Lodge. Length of this trip is 145 km, 5-7 days.



For shuttle - river Information call 705 869 2239 or toll free 877 299 6098

e-mail: questions@paddlethespanishriver.com

For shuttle - river Information call 705 869 2239 or toll free 877 299 6098

e-mail: questions@paddlethespanishriver.com

West Branch, Biscotasing - Agnew lake Lodge In this case easiest way is to get a shuttle to Sudbury Station (Via Rail) from where you take the 'Budd Car' to one off the many drop off points on the river, with Biscotasing as furthest entry point. The train takes you and your canoe with gear to many different entry points on the river. The train goes Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Phone # Via Rail 888-842-7245 Sudbury station # 705-673-1138

The trip from Biscotasing is a bit more technical, with a little more challenging running water flow. if you start at Biscotasing you first have to make your way across the lake towards the dam, from there on your river trip starts, with various rapids ( class II III ) along the way.

We highly recommend the Chrismar Adventure Map of the Spanish River to plan your trip, this quality map gives you lots of information about the river, and will make your trip safer. You can order this map from us , just e-mail questions@paddlethespanishriver.com

At the start or the end of your trip you might want to spend the night at Agnew Lake Lodge, inquire for availability on campsites or cabins.












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