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Route Information

West Branch:

Biscotasi Lake to Agnew Lake (164 km; 8-10 days)

Sinker Creek to Agnew Lake (120 km; 6-8 days)

Biscotasi Lake to the Elbow (114km; 5-7 days)

Biscotasi Lake to Sheahan (74 km; 4 days)

Route Information

East Branch:

Duke Lake to Agnew Lake (145 km; 8-10 days)

The Forks to The Elbow (58 km; 3 days)

The Elbow to Agnew Lake (50 km; 2-3 days)

Sheahan to the The Elbow (74 km; 4 days)

Number of campsites:

83 (all campsites are equipped with box privies)

Number of portages:

10 on the full East Branch route

20 on the full West Branch route

Longest portage 450 m, Lower Athlone Rapids (both routes)