Back Country Camping

1. The Experience

Spanish River Provincial Park features rugged landscapes, towering pines, and a variety of whitewater options. The park can be accessed by road or VIA train. Paddling routes on both the east and west branch make it a popular option for backcountry camping. Some routes are only accessible by train. The train will drop off and pick up paddlers at various points along the river.

2. Reservation and Interior Camping Permits

Camping reservations are not available at the Spanish Park. All campsites are first-come, first-served.

Interior camping permits are required for backcountry camping at Spanish River Provincial Park. Permits can be purchased online up to two weeks in advance of your arrival date.

3. Trip Planning

A map is available for purchase online or at Agnew Lake Lodge. The Spanish Park can be accessed from Duke Lake, The Elbow, Bisocasting, and various stops along the Via Rail. The Duke Lake access point offers a boat launch and privy.

There is a ban on cans and glass bottles in Spanish River.

Please be respectful of the natural environment and other visitors. Practice leave-no-trace camping, camp only on designated campsites, and be aware of your surrounding neighbours, ecology, and wildlife. We appreciate your efforts to maintain this pristine environment.

Back Country Reminders

Do not strip birch bark from trees

Do not cut down live growth

Do not carve initials into trees

Do not bring cans or glass bottles

Do not throw food scraps or garbage down box privies

Only camp on designated campsites

Only have small fires in fire rings provided

Remove tinfoil from fire pits

Insure your fire is dead before leaving your campsite

Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it

Leave a small amount of firewood & kindling for the next group

Safety Tips

Scout all rapids before running

Leave your itinerary with someone

Waving anything red above your head signals an emergency to the trains

Have at least two sources of navigational aids (water-proof back up maps, compass, GPS)

Carry a first aid kit & be familiar with its contents

Always wear your PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

Reminder: Weather can change quickly so be prepared with extra food & proper clothing. Agnew & Biscotasi Lakes can become choppy with high winds & waves. Wait out any storms in a safe place.